Have Low Or No Equity On Your SC House And Aren’t Sure How To Sell It Without Losing Money?

Don’t Have Enough Equity To Pay A Listing Agent?

Need A Solution To Sell your House With Low Or No Equity Even If You Are Under Water

Even with the nice rebound of appreciation over the last few years, almost 10 million homeowners are underwater, according to Forbes. And more than one third of South Carolina homeowners are effectively underwater, meaning they have less than 20 percent equity in the home.  The hard fact is that home values just have not recovered to pay both a real estate agent and payoff the existing mortgage.


That’s a HUGE problem, and we have an answer for you, our No Equity Subject To program!

The only cure for selling an underwater house is time, and the property needs time for two things. The first is future appreciation, which of course is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that regular payments over time will reduce the mortgage balance.

Let us buy your property subject to the underlying mortgage, pay down the mortgage and then ultimately sell the property sometime in the future.

Benefits to you (The Seller):

  • No fees, No Waiting, No Repairs! (especially realtor fees)
  • Debt relief, we make your mortgage payment until the mortgage is cashed out.
  • Get a higher sales price for your property. In most cases market value.
  • Stops the bleeding of mortgage payments if property is vacant.
  • We take over maintenance and Repairs on the property. (Taxes and insurance)

We are buying houses using our No Equity Program.  We focus on nice houses in nice neighborhoods. We will buy your house so you can move on with your life. Give me a call today!

Sell your house with low or no equity with your terms by making a plan and taking action. Learn what your options are and choose the program that works for you. In this way, they won’t be a victim of financial circumstances.

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