Property Locator

Do You Like The Idea Of Making Money And Talking To People About Real Estate? Then, The Property Locator Position Is A Perfect Fit For You!

* Watch the video below before you submit application

** I’m a real estate investor (not a filmmaker.) The video explains the overall process of what we do.

Property Locator Description:

It is the responsibility of the Property Locator to find properties in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville and surrounding areas.  Properties that are F.S.B.O “For Sale by Owner” can be found in many ways; in local newspapers, by driving neighborhoods and locating houses with FSBO signs and on Internet sites (No MLS listed houses-just FSBO’s) or any other source known by the Investigator like co-workers, word of mouth, socializing and friends. The target house price is $1 -$550,000.

The Locator is to call the number provided for the property that is “For Sale By Owner” and complete the Property Submission Web Form.  All information on the form is desirable; however, in addition to the address, seller’s name and phone number, the notes are vital. After the phone call please write down anything that is helpful about the phone call. For example: Seller is moving to another state, They are in a divorce, have a new baby on the way…. Do not fill in anything on your own (accept the phone number). The seller needs to tell you everything. The questions can be read directly from the form. Falsifying  any information on the Property Information Sheet will result in immediate dismissal.

It is up to you to set up your own system to eliminate duplicates from week to week. (you calling the same seller twice)

Completed forms should be submitted the same day they are filled out. Your form is date and time stamped when submitted. If you submit the property form first you will be paid for it no matter when it closes.


Property Locators will be paid $300 or 10% (whichever is greater) per completed Property Submissions we profit from. Our average Profit is $4300 per Deal.  If we make $10,000 dollars on a deal you will be paid $1,000. Each form should take less than 10 minutes to complete. We expect all appropriate questions to be answered. You can submit as many houses as you want. If the submissions are wrong or incomplete I will contact you and discuss what to do to fix it.

The Process:

  1. Submit your basic contact information (form to the right)
  2. A Property Submission Web Form will be emailed to you. (linked to our system. A simple worksheet example will be attached with a “how to get started video”)
  3. You call a seller, read the questions, fill out a form, type some notes and hit “Submit”
  4. A new link will be emailed to  you to follow our progress on the property. So you are not in the dark
  5. The payment method is by check and will be mailed 5 days after closing.

In summary, You locate a seller, contact them, fill out the web form, and submit. You are gathering information to see if it is a property is one we can purchase. You do not go to the house or offer the seller anything. Just gather information and submit. Rinse and repeat :)

 What We Do:

We buy houses at a discount. We offer fair solutions for almost any real estate problem  We are a “for profit” business and like in any business we have to buy our product and sell it for a profit.

Buying houses is a math problem. We have to be able to sell it for more than what we buy it for. It’s that simple! It doesn’t matter what we are planning to do with the property  (buy and hold for my portfolio, partner and rehab with other investors, or just flat sell it) We just can’t pay more than what we sell it for.

Most people don’t realize all the cost associated with selling a house and that what they paid for the house is irrelevant to calculate today’s market value.

We base our offers off of actual sold properties (recent sales, not pie in the sky made up asking prices and wishful thinking)

We offer a fair solution, pay cash and close fast for those that want to work with us. We can not buy every house but we will make an offer on every deal. We are persistent and will stay in contact with the seller if they are not ready to sell

Sample Call Script


I was calling about the property you had for listed for sale. Do you have a minute to talk?

Great, my name is (first name) Can I have your name?(Take care to get correct spelling)

Would you give me the complete address of the house. (street, city, state, zip)

What is your asking price?

If you had it appraised today, what do you think it would appraise for?

(Estimated value)

Read the question straight from the submission form.

Thank you for speaking with me. I will turn in this information immediately and Mason will be in touch with you shortly to discuss several possible options to purchase your home. Is there anything else you would like to tell me.

If this is something you can do, Awesome! Just fill out the short form to the right and you can get started today.