How To Get The Highest Price For Your Home

To Get The Highest Price For Your Home, You Need To Make It Look Clean and Updated!

Retail buyers can decide in 30 seconds if they like the curb appeal of the house. Fresh paint, updated appliances, new carpet, and well-manicured landscaping are inexpensive fixes for selling your home fast. 


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[quote]Picky buyers consider the big-ticket items after first impressions: Roof, HVAC, Kitchen, Bath…the big ticket items. I call local contractors and get a couple estimates for all repairs needed to make the house fresh and updated.  –Mason Nettles

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Average 3 bed 1.5 bath house  $140,000 “after repair value” (ARV) house are:

14,000 10% of sales price-Closing Cost
 5,500 Roof Replacement
 3,500 New Siding
 1,500 Paint Interior
 4,500 Kitchen Update
 1,500 Bathroom Update
 5,000 AC replacement
xx,xxx Total Rehab Cost
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