FSBO Investigator

 Hey, thanks for taking  a look at the current position we are looking to fill…now lets dive in.

Job Description:

Yard Sign FSBO

It is the responsibility of the FSBO Investigator to find properties in  Columbia, Greenville and surrounding area.  Properties that are “For Sale by Owner” can be found in many ways; in local newspapers, by driving neighborhoods and locating houses with FSBO signs and on Internet sites (No MLS houses-just FSBO) or any other source known by the Investigator. The target house price is $75,000 -$400,000.

The investigator is to call the number provided for the property that is “For Sale By Owner” and complete the Property Information Sheet. All information on the form is desirable; however, in addition to the address, owner’s name and phone number, the items marked with a star must be completed by asking the seller. (see sample with red arrows below) Do not fill in anything on your own (accept the phone number). The seller needs to tell you everything. A script can be used but is not necessary. Falsifying  any information on the Property Information Sheet will result in immediate dismissal.

It is up to you to set up your own system to eliminate duplicates from week to week. We will accept duplicates as long as they are called 60 days apart.

Completed forms should be scanned and emailed the same day to mason_nettles@yahoo.com




Example Lead Property Sheet

FSBO Investigators will be paid $3.00 per completed Property Information Sheet. A bonus of $200 will be paid when we buy the house. Each sheet should take less than 5 minutes to complete. If the starred information is not present, the submission will not be considered for compensation purposes. We expect all appropriate questions to be answered. To be clear, you will not be paid for any form that does not have the starred items filled in.

The preferred payment method is by check and will be mailed on Friday for that weeks work. After the first week, a minimum of ten(10) completed sheets will be necessary for payment.



FSBO Call Script



I saw your ad (on the internet, in the newspaper, sign ect.)

Are you the person to talk to the house for sale?

Great, my name is (first name) Can I have your name?(Take care to get correct spelling)

Would you give me the address of the house( again, watch spelling and St. Drive, Circle, Ect)

  1. What is your asking price?
  2. If you had it appraised today, what do you think it would appraise for?(Estimated value)
  3. Do you have a mortgage or do you own it free and clear?
  4. What is the amount still owed on your mortgage ?  If they object to telling you about the balance:
"I understand your concern but we buy houses using several methods and all will 
require that information. Sometimes we pay all cash but if you owe more than we
 can pay obviously that won’t work Sometimes we buy with terms or lease purchase 
and of course that has to be structured around your debt.

         What we wont do is pay all cash at full market value so if you tell me
 now that’s the only way you will to sell then I wont need the information
 because we are out. But if you’re flexible enough to let us offer you one or 
more option at no cost or risk to you I will need this information.
         Should we proceed or not?" –If no, get off the phone and call the next one


  1. What are your monthly payments-Does that include Principal, Interest, taxes and insurance (PITI)?
  2. Are your payments current? If in arrears, how many payments are you behind?
  3. Does the house need repairs? If yes, would you consider them major or minor? Please describe.
  4. Is the house listed?

Thank you for speaking with me. I will turn in this information immediately and my boss will be back in touch with you shortly to discuss several possible options to purchase your home. Is there anything else you would like to tell me.


If this is something you can do, fill out the short form below and I will be in touch.

Thank you,

Mason Nettles